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(no subject)
path, spiritual
It's really late and I feel bad coz I've been neglecting this AGAIN.. in fact both.. but either way this one is gonna be REALLY short and sweet and in fact  is more  of a memo to myself to write more but basically this is what I wrote on fb before and I was so proud of it i thought I'd share it on here and since all this is probably gonna have REALLY bad spelling i'm not spending ANYMORE time on it and I'll hopefully be back on BOTH accounts tomorrow to write much more much better so here's this bit anyway lol ermm it kinda sounds a lil immature too but it was off the top of my head and it's 3.45am and I need sleep so yea... deal with it :)

Well finally got that little drama sorted I think.. Hopefully in the end I've done more damage than good and at least gave them both something to seriously think about. I don't understand why people don't just use their brains more. I'm not saying anyone's stupid but seriously guys there's so much unnecessary drama in the world! If we all spent less time caught up in our subconscious addictions to drama and more time I don't know let's say SAVING THE PLANET (since half you dipshits think the world's going to end this year I don't know why not try DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!) or even let's say hmmm STUDYING TO ONE DAY CURE CANCER (since ya know like 1 in 3 people are affected by cancer ) AND for those of you to self absorbed to even notice those dropping dead around you or whatever why don't you fucking try spending your time improving yourself as a human being instead of wasting all your time on the gift wrapping body or even better yet TRY ACTUALLY NOTICING OTHERS EXIST! 
This has been a friendly announcement from the Bantering Bandit... 

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Highly functioning sociopath or highly aware Hedonist?
path, spiritual
Originally posted by bandit013 at TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Highly functioning sociopath or highly aware Hedonist?
Alright so I have a friend and for everyone's sake lets just call him Cadet. Basically I'm not sure if he's a highly functioning sociopath or a Highly aware Hedonist.... I've decided due to my horrible judgement I've decided I would ask people and find out their opinions so here's the facts...

About CadetCollapse )

Alright so I have absolutely no idea if any of this is actually going to work properly but this is some information that I found from this website.. It's actually a blog about how to spot a sociopath before your their victim... It's an interesting read I thought anyway but here's most of the signs mentioned
How to spot a sociopath..Collapse )

So now you know what a sociopath is here's some quick information about Hedonism that I kind of just very quickly threw together coz I'm actually kind of tired since it's almost 5am...
HedonismCollapse )

So what do you guys think??

path, spiritual
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I have once again been neglecting my LJ account!!! But I am that awesome that I now have TWO LJ ACCOUNTS to neglect... YAY!!! haha anyway basically I'm going to keep using this account as my usual my life going ons but the other I want to have for more thought provoking conversations... I will regularly be advertising that account on here and sharing posts so those on here shouldn't miss out much but if you know anyone that would be interested or if u yourself are interested here's the link (if it works) for my other account..

Alright sooo Here's the update on what I've been doing recently and I've been practicing my cuts and learning all fancy stuff soooo I can make it neater and easier for people to skip over or through haaha COZ I"M AWESOME!!!! Anyway.....:

The Departing TrainCollapse )

My relationshipsCollapse )

SchoolCollapse )

CourtCollapse )

FamilyCollapse )

FriendsCollapse )

HealthCollapse )

In Other news I finally got my belly button pierced and you know what?? It felt like someone had just briefly poked me with a pen and it was done.. hahahaha that was 3weeks ago now and I've only really had mild irritation occasionally but that's about it... I'm also going away for xmas.. Off back to kingston and all mum's side of the family will be there except for my little bro Before (blood related) whose 18th birthday is on christmas eve!! haha devo'd i won't get to see him but so happy for him.. I'll bet he's excited and I can't really blame him for wanting to spend it at home LOL Anyway that's about it lately besides the new account.. What has everyone else been doing?? Any plans for the holidays?? Please remember to promote my other account so I can get some friends as I ONLY JUST set it up... bandit013
Cheers guys!!!

Peace out!! xoxoxo
:) :) :)

Writer's Block: Friday, I’m in love with you
path, spiritual
What is your favorite day of the week?

Friday for sure!!! lol I do nothing in the mornings n then go to the pub n the social club I belong to hehe I drink gamble n smoke pot n see some of the best people I know :)

Writer's Block: Talent show
path, spiritual
What is something you do well?

I like to think I'm good at helping friends... They say I am but sometimes I wish I did/could do more...

Writer's Block: Frozen delights
path, spiritual
Originally posted by matt1993 at Writer's Block: Frozen delights
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Mint chocolate chip!

YUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! my fav would have to be the macadamia n white choc one tho.... YUMMMM!!!

(no subject)
path, spiritual
Hey all!! I haven't been on for a few weeks so thought I'd better give everyone a quick run down on what's been happening..
Formal went quite well.. The bf looked GORGEOUS of course n I must admit I didn't look too bad myself haha We had an awesome time getting ready for the night with T (here on out named "smoke") n her bf.. N then we went n got our pics done n shit like that as soon as we got there.. It would of probably been a perfect night really if the bf n I hadn't both ended up sick.. We weren't to sure if it was the food or the few drinks before hand that did it but I think it mine may have been the mash mixing with the alcohol combined with the dislike of watching my bf dry retching and running off to the bathroom every 5 mins.. He even got his main course switched from the chicken most of us had to the vegetarian dish which was cous cous in capsicum which he liked even less hahahaha The entrees before that were alright though some weren't really all that... And dessert was a bit rich for both our liking but wasn't too bad lol it was rich chocolate cake with strawberry cooldie (sp?) and a white chocolate stem thing lol.. WAYYY too sweet.. But had an alright night still somehow considering the one song I really wanted to dance with my bf to he wouldn't (and I never got to dance with him) but I did do the nutbush n then the bf danced to YMCA with my mates.. (the whole 1 hand thing got the better of me with that 1..) n then I was dancing to Love shack with my mates date who was an x-homosexual (how that works I'm not sure) but he was checking my bf out the entire song hahaha it was kind of cute actually :) he was even giving the bf fashion advice :) and there were sooo many photos!!! And coz it was all upstairs the bf n I were on the balcony and there was a lady waiting to cross the road beneath us so the bf turned around to me and said "I bet u $20 I can slag on her head" and she heard it n looked up with this huge grin n moved before he even got a chance so we both ended up on the ground pissing ourselves laughing!!! (sad, pathetic and childish I know but I've never really done that sort of stuff before!!) And Some evil person even took a pic but the bf managed to get up before they took it lol I ended up getting someone later in the night but Anyway after that we went back to the room (we left early coz of the fact we both felt sick) and we sort of argued for a bit coz I was already really upset about missing out on a dance and then he kinda insulted me as well not realizing that his joke would not be humorous in the slightest to me but we ended up kissing and making up quickly after my anxiety fit which was just before I made him cry.. (he felt horrible..) And we ended up just cuddling up and getting some sleep. NO SEX even!!! And then the next morning he was a sweetie and bought us both KFC for breaky (which shows he must care n pay attention since it is my ALL TIME favorite at the moment and always puts me in a killer mood for the rest of the day) and then we have pretty much just chilled out since.. In fact we've been pretty much inseparable since :)

As for school it's finally school holidays and I'm hopefully going to get started on the special study I have to do for Classical studies in the next few days.. I have also lightened my work load by dropping research project (which I'm going to continue next year) as well as english (I already had my units and was too far behind after the switch) and I kept my ancient studies as I'm actually sitting on a B for that..

The bf and I have been doing pretty well together since we worked all that shit out the other week.. We spend heaps of time together and I STILL think he's perfect.. I kind of worry sometimes though because there are somethings he wants in the future that I don't and vice versa... Like I want to quit smoking and stuff but he doesn't seem to enthused on the idea of him quitting.. And it doesn't help that we have differing opinions on locations to live and foods and how money should be spent.. None of this has really become a big drama as of yet but I worry bout how things are going to work out in the future.. But with any luck we'll be able to figure it out quick and easy if the topic ever does come up....

And on top of that dad and I are FINALLY out of pop's and back at dad's (not that I'm ever really around anyway....) Dad actually has the shits with me at the moment because he could apparently smell freshly sprayed deodorant the other day and reckons I've been smoking inside when I actually haven't!! In fact we hadn't even sprayed ANYTHING yet that day since we'd both only just woken up and had a shower... but dad won't believe me and he even called me a liar so I haven't really been there at all in the past few days (since Saturday when the CATS KICKED MAGPIE ASS!!! :) ) but I should really head home in the next day or two...

Anyway I can't really think of anything else to really write with out making this sound like I'm saying the same shit over and over again so any questions let me know.. Any advice is appreciated along with any comments :)

Peace Out!! :) :) :)

Writer's Block: Shhh… Don’t tell
path, spiritual
Do you keep your LiveJournal a secret from someone?

Pretty much everyone actually... I mean people know I have a blog n I think I've mentioned a few times the actual name of the site but I haven't told ANYONE my user name n I really don't plan to.. The account was created so I could write what I want about whatever I want with out starting massive wars n I like the fact I can be myself on here unlike on fb where everyone complains... This site also makes me feel smart n I practice my writing skills which is pretty useful hahaha

Writer's Block: Internet addictions
path, spiritual
Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?

Facebook!! forever!! and also normally yahoo, google and occasionally utube lol

Writer's Block: Riddle me this
path, spiritual
What is something that just doesn't make sense to you?

Life in general.. we live, we work our asses off, we die.....