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31 March
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I dislike life with a passion coz all it seems 2 do is bring u down at your happiest n then kicks you wen ur down... But I'm sort of trying to change my views on that... I'm 19 still in highschool (actually I go to an adult re-entry school), I have one hand n though I'm lucky n have rarely been bullied I've still had a pretty hard life.... I made this blog coz ppl on fb ALWAYS complain that ur "having a sook" wen u post unhappy status there so I figure I wana be honest n chat bout the problems (as well as the happy stuff)in my life or at least write them some where... n I hope that with my own blog I can actually do that.. This is my first ever blog so if u have any advice etc let me know coz I'd be happy to hear it :)
almost anything except war, chattin 2 ppl, facebookin...., reading novels, reading/writing novels, traci hardings books, watching various movies, writing stories/unfinished books